MAMECE3 for the PocketPC.

All-Builds Auto Installer will detect your PocketPC device and installs the proper Build.

Latest release, 01-04-2003, Version 9.5

What's New in This Release?

All Builds - Auto Installer:
MameCE3 Binary - size 3817KB
More Enabled GameDrivers Added:
MEGAMameCE3 Binary - size 8148KB
Program Exe is over 6MB (8MB for MIPS).

MameCE3 Source - size 9873KB

Current Version in Zipped CAB Format:
(For Manual Installation or Upgrade)
ARM CAB (iPAQ, HP56x) - size 626KB
MIPS CAB (Casio) - size 793KB
SH3 CAB (Jornada color)- size 728KB
Casio BE300 CAB - size 792KB
PsPC CAB v9.0(Casio E10x)-size970KB
More Enabled GameDrivers Added:
ARM CAB (iPAQ, HP56x) - size 1924KB
MIPS CAB (Casio) - size 2215KB
SH3 CAB (Jornada color)- size 2216KB
Casio BE300 CAB - size 2215KB

Archive of previous versions of MameCE3

10-24-02 MAMECE3 Wins Best Product Award in the Catagory of Game Emulators for a Second YEAR!! Click this link for more info.

10-12-01 MAMECE3 Wins Best Product Award in the Catagory of Game Emulators! Check out this link for more info. =)

6-7-01 MAMECE3 Reviewed in July issue of PocketPC Magazine!!! =)

3-10-01 MAMECE3 is listed in PocketPC Magazine's Online Buyers Guide!

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